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Marek Bednar - guide in self healing, masseur, trainer

Marek Bednar - photo I am grateful that my family and I were given the opportunity to live here in Jindřichovice, a place of peace, silence, in the immediate touch of living nature.
Professionally I am glad that through more and more experience and knowledge I have the opportunity to do something more every day - for others, Earth, myself. Backed by knowledge of some of the spiritual principles of the universe in conjunction with learning about the elements of life, I use some of the following options on your and your path:

  • diagnostics - intuitive, reflexological, touch and chakra
  • diet consultation - from detox and rehabilitation to health-bodybuilding
  • Exercise - rehabilitation (classical, specific, according to L. Mojžíšová), fitness, energetic (Makko-ho, yoga, ...)
  • massage - intuitive, reflex on the feet, aroma, Shiatsu, manual lymph, classic, sports, AMMA
  • energetic work in aura - charging/chelation, spinal canal cleaning, crystal therapy, ...
  • guiding - forgiveness, rituals, meditation, spiritual counseling, healing by prayer
  • Healing Dance - holistic individual harmonization in motherly warm water

I feel to be a guide and a student of those I accompany. The big changes, but also the partial changes, fill me with meaning and encourage concentration in the next steps of the journey. I will be happy to assist you if I can. If not, I\'ll try to find another suitable guide for you.


Telephone: (+420) 777 249 411
Email: marek.bednar@email.cz


Some of the projects I am working on:
Jindrichovice festival Living Heart